Tyson Brown

Florida Institute of Technology

Studying Biomedical Engineering

Florida Institute of Technology

Tyson Brown is a senior at the Florida Institute of Technology. He is majoring in Biomedical Engineering. He looks forward to a career with a biomedical engineering company where he can invent and develop new treatment and medical devices for medical applications.

In 2005 Tyson’s dad was knocked unconscious by an improvised explosive device (IED) blast that resulted in a Traumatic Brain Injury while serving in the United States Marine Corps in Iraq.

Tyson is currently working on his senior design project with three other classmates to develop a traumatic brain injury sensor to quickly detect the severity of a brain injury. To do this, his team is implementing multiple sensors such as an EEG. The sensors and electronics will be in a skull cap/beanie type headwear that can be worn underneath a helmet. This will allow the device to be used for multiple sports and the military. Last semester they finished the design for the manufacturing report and are now starting to build and test the product. Tyson’s dad has had multiple traumatic brain injuries during his service, and he is so excited to be working on something that could help our military Service men and women.

He says, "This scholarship will allow me to further my education at Florida Tech. I am grateful for my father's service and sacrifice so that I am able to go to college. I have chosen Florida Tech for its engineering program. The scholarship will help relieve my family of financial stress."

NGS would like to thank the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund for helping Tyson’s dreams come true.

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