Elijah Conway

Auburn University

Studying Biochemistry

Mercyhurst Lakers

Elijah Conway is a senior at Auburn University. He is majoring in Biochemistry. After graduation he plans to continue his studies and earn a PhD. Once he has completed his PhD, he plans to do pharmaceutical research and become a professor in biochemistry.

He says, “I have always wanted to pursue a higher education in STEM; however, as I got older, I was hit with the reality of the significant cost of going to a university. Despite all the hard work I put into my courses and extracurriculars in high school, I was not able to receive enough academic scholarships to cover my post-secondary education. The No Greater Sacrifice scholarship means a lot to me because it removes the burden of cost from both me and my parents. However, this scholarship is not just about money, it is a significant opportunity. Instead of worrying about how I will pay for my undergraduate degree, I can focus on succeeding in my coursework and gaining research and shadowing experience that will help prepare me for my career. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that the donors of this scholarship have provided for me and because it means so much to me, I hope that I will be able to provide a similar opportunity for others in the future. Thank you.”

Elijah’s father was a Chief Warrant Officer in the Army. During his service, he had multiple combat deployments, and as a helicopter pilot, he was shot down twice and had two crashes. Due to these traumatic events, he has very serious injuries.

NGS would like to thank the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund for helping Elijah’s dreams come true.

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