No Greater Sacrifice today announced that 44 children of fallen and severely wounded Service members will receive scholarships totaling $1.7 million. By providing a debt-free college education to these children, the national non-profit works to change the lives of the families of those who have made “no greater sacrifice.”

“We honor the sacrifices of our Service members by investing in their children’s capacity for greatness through education,” said NGS Executive Director Rebekah Lovorn. “Since September 11, 2001, more than 52,000 wounded and fallen Service members have sacrificed for our country—and their more than 46,000 children still need our support. The coming years are critically important as many children of fallen and severely wounded Service members will be entering college age. Our hope is that this additional $1.7 million in scholarship commitments will help place 44 more of these children on the path to success – without the burden of debt.”

While these children and families are sometimes eligible for federal and state benefits along with scholarships provided by other organizations, the benefits available do not necessarily meet an entire need. The financial burden after benefits still exists for these children and families. NGS works to fill any remaining funding gap to ensure that the student's financial obligation is as close to zero as possible. In many cases, Service members are injured to such an extent that they are unable to work; NGS meets the scholarship needs of these families to provide an education and mitigate the long-term, multi-generational financial impact of these serious injuries.

In addition to the child selected for a scholarship, the entire family receives support with education and benefits counseling. NGS opens the door to a network of relationships for those with traumatic family events from war. In addition, the personalized mentorship and work with the universities to execute the scholarship is substantial and invaluable.

Among this year’s scholarship recipients is Hunter Morgan, and he will attend Sam Houston State University.  “I could never express my appreciation enough and how much this is truly a blessing to our family, and specifically, Hunter,” said Hunter’s mother, Melanie Morgan.

Since its inception in 2008, No Greater Sacrifice has awarded 206 scholarships valued at more than $12.5 million in post-high school education benefits.

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