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We invite you to join No Greater Sacrifice (NGS) in a tangible way by supporting NGS Scholars at our upcoming NGS BootCamp in Washington, DC. 

BootCamp is more than just an event; it's a transformative experience - an immersive multi-day community-building college preparatory program designed specifically for NGS Scholars, children whose military parent has died or been severely wounded in post 9/11/01 service and have been selected for a full college scholarship from NGS. Specific attendance is for the incoming college freshmen cohort and their parent/guardian.

To learn more, here is a short video and also  a recap of last year's BootCamp.

Through your sponsorship, you provide these young individuals with invaluable opportunities and resources that shape their future success and their parent/guardian with the relief there is a community of support that will provide a customized path specific to the needs of their child. 

Here's how you can make a difference:

Title Sponsor: $100,000

  • Sponsorship supports a critical, transformative experience for these deserving children

Patron Sponsor: $50,000

  • Sponsorship supports the immersive college preparedness experience

Night at the Ballpark: $15,000

  • Sponsorship supports this community-building event, including seat tickets, food, and transportation

One Day Sponsorship: $10,000

  • Sponsorship supports the activities and resources provided during a full day of BootCamp, ensuring a memorable experience for Scholars

Evening Event: $7,500

  • Sponsorship supports the evening event, covering expenses such as food, transportation, and costs associated with the event's closing ceremony

College Readiness Station: $5,000

  • Sponsorship supports one-on-one academic and financial planning, college readiness, and mentorship and coaching for Scholars. Multiple available

Scholar/Parent of Guardian: $3,000

  • Sponsorship supports a Scholar or Parent/Guardian to attend BootCamp, including airfare, hotel accommodations, meals, and transportation

Veteran, Caregiver, and Gold Star Luncheon: $2,500

  • Sponsorship supports the cost of food and transportation to allow for a peer community-building experience

Additionally, we offer some practical opportunities to directly impact the event:

Meal: $500

  • Sponsor a meal for the participants

Transportation: $300

  • Sponsor transportation for participants

Supplies: $100

  • Sponsor essential supplies and materials needed for the event and other educational resources

Your support not only covers the logistical expenses of the event but also fosters a supportive environment where Scholars can thrive academically, emotionally, and socially. Your generosity leaves a lasting impression, empowering these remarkable individuals to pursue their dreams and ambitions. 

The impact of your sponsorship extends beyond financial support:

  • Recognition: Prominent logo placement, and acknowledgment in a press release and social media.
  • VIP Access: Exclusive access passes for company representatives.
  • Impact: A meaningful difference in the lives of military children and their families.

If you have any questions, please contact us at . Together, we can honor the sacrifices of our military families and inspire hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Click the picture below to see more images from 2024 NGS Scholar BootCamp.

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We are dedicated to investing in the children of our nation's fallen and wounded Service members by delivering scholarships and resources to improve their quality of life through higher education. You can help by donating, sponsoring, or participating in our cause.

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