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For three days in June, No Greater Sacrifice (NGS) was honored to host over twenty NGS Scholars who are entering their freshman year of college. All Scholars created a personal Roadmap with the help of NGS staff, providing the opportunity to map out their dream personal, educational, and professional aspirations. And, of course, had a ton of fun exploring Washington, DC. 

Scholars and NGS staff worked closely to create an academic and financial roadmap for each Scholar to serve as a template for their upcoming path through higher education, helping to equip them for their desired academic and professional trajectory and providing clarity concerning their scholarship. Scholars rotated through workshop stations where they received assistance crafting their biography and resume, were resourced with a professional headshot, wrote a letter to their future self to help begin to shape their personal life vision, and participated in a lecture from one of our incredible partners, LinkedIn.

NGS Scholars had the opportunity to tour our Nation's Capitol, visit the Kennedy Center, attend a Washington Nationals baseball game, and participated in a fun, competitive scavenger hunt while seeing iconic sites in Washington, DC.

NGS is honored to help facilitate the learnings, experiences, and most importantly, the connections fostered within our incoming freshman cohort and broader NGS community. We could not have accomplished this event without the help of our tremendous volunteers and partner, Microsoft.

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