Nathan Strickland

Oklahoma State University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Marketing | Concentration in Business Analytics

Oklahoma State University

Nathan Strickland graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Marketing, with a concentration in Business Analytics from Oklahoma State University. He completed his degree in 3.5 years with a 3.5 GPA. Currently, he is pursuing a master’s degree in business data analytics from Maryville University, while working as a Youth Ministry Intern for Memorial Drive Church of Christ. Nathan was recently hired as a Data Analytics Consultant at RSM to work within the Business Intelligence Team.  He says “I hit the jackpot with my first job in my field!”

Nathan’s father, US Army SGT Legrand Strickland, was deployed to Zabul Province, Afghanistan. On February 2, 2010, his vehicle was struck by a large improvised explosive device (IED), which resulted in above-the-knee bilateral amputations of his legs and a serious head injury. He required numerous surgeries, including a cranioplasty (placement of a steel plate in his head to replace a missing piece of skull).

"As I get ready to watch my graduation commencement (virtually) tonight, I reflect on my life up to this point, & all I can think to do is thank the people who've gotten me here. The biggest thank you goes to No Greater Sacrifice, who without this literally wouldn't be happening. You're living proof that beautiful things can come from terrible situations - with my dad's war injuries back in 2010, worrying about paying for college is something that was lifted from our shoulders as you bless our nation's soldiers. I'll never be able to come up with all the right words to thank you for what you've done for me and what you do for other military families every day."

NGS would like to thank UBS 1285 for their amazing support in making Nathan’s dreams come true.

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