Ashley Boomer

University of Southern California

Studying Psychology

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Ashley Boomer is a sophomore at the University of Southern California. She is majoring in Psychology while on the pre-law track. She is a USC Presidential Merit Scholar and completed her first year with a 4.0 GPA. Ashley plans to use her college years to broaden her horizons in addition to earning a degree and sees college as a great jumping-off point for the rest of her life. She hopes to play on the club volleyball team at her school post-Covid 19 restrictions.

After college graduation, she hopes to attend law school and become a lawyer so that she can help those in her community and specifically support those who may end up wrongly sentenced because they do not have proper legal representation.

Ashley’s father, Marine Corps Master Sergeant Richard Boomer, suffers from Advanced Stage IV kidney cancer and has undergone continuous chemotherapy since 2015 and has had multiple surgeries. The cause is due to the inhalation of depleted uranium dust in Afghanistan.

Regarding her scholarship, Ashley says, “Thank you so much for this opportunity! Seriously, you have opened so many more doors for me and I am so incredibly thankful and appreciative.”

NGS would like to thank the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund in supporting Ashley and helping her reach her dreams.

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