Addison Houston

University of Houston

Studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design & Minor in Energy & Sustainability

University of Houston

Addison Houston is a senior earning a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design with a Minor in Energy & Sustainability at the University of Houston. After graduation, he plans to earn his Master of Science in Ecological Technology. After that, he plans to start and run a product and graphic design firm, invent cool products, and solve systemic problems.

Addison’s father, Army Captain Alex James Houston III, was on patrol with his company August 13, 2004, when his tank was contacted by an enemy RPG, severely wounding the occupants inside. He lost his left arm from the elbow down and suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Addison is an entrepreneur and problem-solver and feels that college is the best way for him to learn about real-world problems. He wants to produce products and solutions that better aid our lives and improve energy efficiency. One day he wants to create a source of renewable energy for the world, as well as design products that improve global medical health. He wants to give back to the community by providing other economic opportunities for many people.

Addison says he is thankful for the opportunity to continue his higher education, because he believes we’re all placed on Earth for a higher purpose.

NGS would like to thank the Gary Sinise Foundation in supporting Addison and helping him reach his dreams.

We are so inspired by Addison’s attitude, skill, and dreams. Please join us in celebrating all he has accomplished and the dreams he hopes to accomplish in the future!

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