Honoring Sacrifice, Supporting Military Families

Cynthia M. Allen, from the Star-Telegram in Ft. Worth, TX, writes a compelling piece about the Karcher family and the education opportunities NGS provides to military children.

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2011 Freedom Award Recipients

During a gala event in Washington, D.C., Sgt. 1st Class Joseph R. Kapacziewski and Gen. Raymond T. Odierno were named the 2011 Freedom Award Recipients of the No Greater Sacrifice Freedom Award.

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NGS Freedom Award 2011

Retired Special Operations Master Sergeant, Jim Hanson, a.k.a. "Uncle Jimbo", from the Black Five website blogs about his experience at 2011 NGS' Freedom Award Dinner which honored SSG Joe Kapacziewski and

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The Other Side of the Street

At a gala fundraiser, Wall Street shows that money isn’t its only concern but that it can show generosity and patriotism in helping the children of fallen soldiers and wounded warriors. 

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