2015 Freedom Award Reception

2015 Freedom Award Reception

10.07.2015 06:00 PM

Congratulations to the 2015 Freedom Award recipients:
Lieutenant General Joe Anderson, United States Army 
Captain Ben Harrow, United States Army

Thank you to our Host Committee and Sponsors
for making this event a success:

Host Committee
Co-Chairs: Holidae Hayes & Andy Maner
Robin & Marc Avram
Cheryl & Peter Barnes
Lynly Boor
Kimberly Casey
Jason Conley
Larry Duncan
Jocelyn Gamble
Brooke Gilliam
Piper Gioia
Denise Grant
Jocelyn Grennan
Margaret Hutton & Carter Griffin
Paul Hatch
Claire and Tom Joyce
Carrie Laureno
Nadia Manuel
John Mathews
Martha & Steven Peterson
Karen Triplett
Eileen & Marc Weller
Kaye Willis White & Art White

13D Activisits Fund, Adfero, Bewtra Charity Fund, DC Capital Partners,
Claire & Tom Joyce, Jones Day, IBM, MorphoTrust USA, Martha & Steven Peterson, Sapient




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